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EDM is a contract manufacturer focused on products that have following characteristics:

  • situated in the high-end market (thus low-volume products)
  • different integrated technologies (electronics, mechanics, software)
  • complex assembly structure
  • high-quality and reliability

These low-volume / high-quality technology products are found in following market sectors:

  • Automation market:
    ATM-machines, vending equipment, sorting equipment, dispensing systems, counting machines, packaging machines, food machines, ...
  • Graphical market:
    envelop-inserting equipment, franking machines, bookbinding equipment, printing presses, feeding equipment, folding equipment, collating equipment, cutting equipment,...
  • Medical market:
    operating tables, liquid handling systems, labo equipment, imaging equipment, diagnostic equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, ...
  • Analytical market:
    imaging equipment, inspection equipment, testing equipment, measuring equipment, analysis equipment,...

EDM offers these market segments a full turnkey solution for their complex products. So our customers can:

  • manage a single part number
  • have more time and resources to focus on their core activities
  • free up assets by converting fixed costs into variable costs
  • grow their competitive edge
  • set the stage for accelerated growth and profit