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EDM – your partner in success

EDM is a full service company focused on contract manufacturing and engeneering support of complex electro-mechanical systems for OEM's operating in the market segment of low-volume / high-quality technology products. EDM offers you the optimum solution. For every phase of the product life cycle. From development through materials management, production and logistics to after-sales service. Secure, flexible and reliable. Whether you use our know-how in the entire value-added chain or just at certain points - such as the serial production of your product - you can rely on our strenghts as a systems manufacturer. Whatever your industry. And all this extremely cost-effectively. We were founded in July 2007 by people with decades of experience in both contract manufacturing and business strategy. The results? EDM not only understands the importance of complying with stringent regulations and maintaining the highest quality from concept through production, but we also understand that manufacturing isn't just key to building a great product - it's key to building a great business. We use our years of experience to ensure that every piece of equipment that leaves our facility brings you one step closer to realizing your business goals.


"to become the European reference as a contract manufacturing partner of low-volume / high-quality technology products in those industries requiring products of great complexity and reliability by validating our development & engineering skills and our equipment manufacturing excellence"


Our customer orientation ensures that following values permeate the entire organization.

"The art of making our customers life easy"

Our technology leadership ensures that our R&D and product engineering capabilities are translated into products that are appreciated by our customers because of their:

  • user reliability
  • total user cost
  • time-to-market

"Manufacturing Excellence"

Our continuous improvement programs based on Six Sigma guarantee our customers:

  • worldclass quality
  • cost reductions
  • delivery reliability

"Every problem creates an opportunity"

Our organization focuses its entrepreneurship and creativity on finding a way to support our customers with total innovative solutions.