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"Total Solutions" by supporting the complete value chain.

Simple for you. Easy for us to get the overview.
Once you have decided on EDM, we allocate a dedicated projectmanager for an optimal transfer of information.
In this way, we achieve:

  • solutions that are technologically sound and practically viable,
  • at the right price,
  • produced efficiently,
  • and meeting the right quality standards

We transform your ideas into successful products. From concept feasibility studies, industrial design and the writing of specifications, through the entire development phase of electronics, software, mechanics and testing. Our highly skilled engineers are focused on listening and understanding your needs, in order to deliver you technology products that fit both the market expectation and have an innovative design. Our experienced project managers secure the best possible time to market.

Does your product need a new life, or a small face lift? There are many reasons a product might need updating. EDM's re-engineering program enables your product to be manufactured at lower cost. This can contribute to improved profit margins, extended product life-span, greater market shares, better quality and reliability, etc.

The industrialization process starts with the first concept studies. Industrialization is about evaluating and choosing the right solutions, process and suppliers enabling handovers within the organization when transforming your product from an engineering to a manufacturing environment. Once the prototype has passed successfully the fieldtests and received all necessary approvals and certificates, the product will go through several engineering cycles (DFM, DFA, ..) in order to prepare all necessary documentation for production and also to reduce the cost of manufacturing. With EDM, this is taken care of by a team dedicated to you and your product.

Materials management is an important factor when it comes to producing your products economically. EDM's sourcing capabilities are supporting our customers with the best price/performance components from carefully selected manufacturers and distributors. A strong network of specialized subcontractors are available to complement EDM's technologies in house. What ultimately counts for us are high quality, flawless processing, and the best possible price-value-for-money.

EDM is your competent and reliable partner when it comes to the production of your complete products. Our manufacturing infrastructure enables our customers to manage a single part number and remain focused on their core strengths and technologies. EDM helps you shorten production time and reduce cost and complexity. Our comprehensive quality and test procedures, together with our years of experience, ensure that every product that leaves our facility brings you superior quality performance and solid regulatory compliance. Our focus on low-volume / high mix production provides the flexibility required to meet the unpredictability in demand that is characteristic of high-end technology products.

As a provider of total solutions, logistics does not merely mean conveying products safe and timely from us to you, but taking a look at the supply chain as a whole and continually seeking ways of optimising it for you. We will be happy to draw up a customised logistics plan for you, incorporating, for example, Kanban, consignment stores or just-in-time deliveries, placing equal emphasis on availability and costeffectiveness. For the transport of your goods, we work together with a network of specially selected logistics partners.

Even once your products have been delivered, EDM's service is not yet over. If you wish we can deliver following after-sales services:

  • installation services at your sites and/or at your customers' sites
  • factory repair services
  • management & supply of replacement parts